Cookie Clicker 1.0375 Download For Android, Iphone, Ipad, Ipod, Mac And Pc

Cookie Clicker is a very curious game whose dynamics will not see clear upon entering their website.

You will see a cookie on the screen, shining, waiting for you to do here. And when you do, start the game: you’ve made a cookie, and with every click a cookie more. After a number of cookies, and improvements can be unlocked for further assistance cookies, some absurd as “a grandmother” or “capacitor matter” that matter in the universe turn on cookies.

It is a curious game very simple optimization, but at the same time can be a great time playing while we wonder how we ended up hooked on something so simple. That’s the “magic” of Cookie Clicker.

The game saves automatically starting every 60 seconds, and offers to teach leaderboard who are the best “biscuit manufacturers.” If today you are in front of the PC thinking that you’ve seen everything on the internet, try Cookie Clicker, a game as bizarre as addictive.

Cookie Clicker 1.0375 Download

Cookie Clicker 1.0375 Download

Cookie Clicker Download For Android

Cookie Clicker Download For Ios

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