Football Manager 2014

Football Manager 2014 is the new version of the popular football management game from Sega, with which you can feel like a true coach.

Now you can save your game in the cloud so you can enjoy them on any computer, from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, this time Football Manager will integrate with Steam Workshop to offer support mods . In this way, users can add their own content to the game modified images, logos, competitions, challenges created custom editor challenges …

The 3D graphics engine has been improved , and artificial intelligence. You will notice the change in lighting, more fluid animations of the players, the updated models … all updates to the times with the best look for a game of Football Manager series.

The tactics have been checked, and the roles of each player and strategies are now much more decisive. You can define the role of the players with more than one position, giving new instructions and face improved AI rival coaches.

In this game the signings market is one of the key points, so that transfers and contracts are now more realistic, and the negotiation of clauses offers a deeper gaming experience.

And in Football Manager has to take care of all aspects of a club, from the players’ training to the state of the club itself, including its accounts, contracts and press relations. Luckily, all this is much more accessible thanks to a redesigned interface that also uses a vocabulary much closer to the actual f├║btol.

If your passion for football goes beyond playing a few matches with Football Manager 2014 you can experience the ultimate experience in football.

Football Manager 2014

Football Manager 2014

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