Gang Garrison 2.6.7 Game Download For Mac

The taste for the retro is somewhat difficult to explain, but the truth is that it is a constant in our times and reaches into all areas, such as video games. That is why we find Garrison Gang, a game that shows the virtues of classic Atari, but virtues that are on track to have thirty years of life. A tribute performed by repeating everything offered at the time Team Fortress 2.

With the download of Gang Garrison rants we enter into a pixelated, poor movement and much 2D, but the classic 2D, with a game between the red team and blue, which must protect their intelligence (funny name for a few documents) occupy the center of their territory.

In Gang Garrison not stand the graphics and effects, scenarios full of detail or complex movements, is a work that only the classic video game fans will appreciate. If you’re one of those, here’s a title you should not lose sight.

Gang Garrison 2.6.7 Game Download For Mac

Gang Garrison 2.6.7 Download

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