Pet City

Pet City has a pet so cute and a level of animation detail and careful as you will love caring for them and buy them things to make them happy.

Pets can interact with each other and play with their neighbors, thanks to the objects and mini-games available.

You can buy many items of clothing for your pet, and customize it to make it unique.

Also furniture and decorations for the houses of our pets … mostly because they are quite foodies with his stuff.

When compared to the game that is clearly based (Pet Society, Electronic Arts), Pet City shows a similar structure, but care about graphics and especially a smoother animations. The artwork, yes, it’s the taste of each.

So if you come seeking an alternative to pet games dotting Facebook, Pet City is one of the oldest, rather than on a platform as unstable as the social network, is saying something. Why do not you give it a try?

Pet City

Pet City

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