The Ville

The Ville is a game for Facebook based (though they deny it) to the popular game Sims .

But the game mechanics is adapted to the social network, so that we can follow the development of our characters in games short and accessible, being able to share with our friends gifts and accomplishments.

This is a simple simulator life , where we have to take care of some basic needs of our characters and especially your social life, because we can make friends and even relationships with other neighbors The Ville.

The game is free and can work through missions and go accessing new objects such as furniture, decorations, clothing, etc.. We can also acquire exclusive content with real money.

Where more wins this game is in interactions with other players, because we can invite their characters, interacting with them and improve our friendship, etc.. More than the typical gifts most Facebook games.

This game (Zynga) has been repeatedly denounced by EA by assuming a sort of clone of “The Sims Social”. However, after the close of play The Ville has taken over as the most representative of this genre on Facebook.

The Ville

The Ville

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