ZenMate 2.9 Free Download For Google Chrome

ZenMate makes it very simple so more safely sail and, above all, private. In fact, ZenMate is an extension that encrypts Chrome web traffic through a proxy , so it is not possible to determine the actual location from which to operate. Can be used for security reasons, to preserve our privacy and other agencies, or to override the restrictions per country which have some video content.

ZenMate remarkable for the simplicity of use, with a nice and clear interface that offers a 100% encrypted browsing through proxy, and good light, thanks to high-speed servers scattered around the world. Our IP is replaced in the face outside so we can not really locate or identify.

As Chrome extension is very easy to install this utility , just adding it from the tab in the Chrome App Store. Just need to write our email address.

The extension icon is added to the right of the address bar and turns green when you’re protected. By clicking the icon you can go to the options, including the possibility of ‘ll easily choose the country of proxy through which you’ll want to navigate. Thus, we can adapt to various websites locks. Very useful to use services like Pandora, Netflix or Hulu while outside the United States.

ZenMate 2.9 Free Download For Google Chrome

ZenMate 2.9 Free Download For Google Chrome

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